Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stranger Unexpected

Writing Period 4
Student: Martha Waska
Teacher: Pauline Morris

Stranger Unexpected

Have you ever been a stranger before? Have you ever felt like a stranger? Were you treated well when you were a stranger? What would you do if you had a stranger come to your place? What would I do, how would I treat the strangers?

First of all, being a total stranger is in everyone. With specific personality that completely comes in different styles of background, nationality, and race has been named in number of unknown languages since the beginning of beings at one time became aware. Being the actual stranger in a house of this world, facing respective decisions as an independent status, has made me recognize the importance of managing the way life happens to appear. Depending on the situation there has been several unexpected conditions and problems throughout these years we own to ourselves. Each individual can be miraculously unpredictable. Everyone uses myths and general ideas to share their beliefs in which they can be developing ways to formalize their imaginative characters or personification. You can make a change. Everyone’s obsessions are unique, in a way that will require with what they have, need, and use in their spare time for the time they got now and while they still can. Over the years, the county has timidly and sufficiently changed with immediate succession from the native style to another culture.

Anyways, throughout my years, I was and had been a stranger and always and going to stay a stranger forever to the house of this world of humans. I definitely found out that having visitors, guests, and any other person that unexpectedly shows can be very surprising in some way. Also, to make sure they were healthy and strong thru their trip. Almost anyone who appears as an unexpected visitor is to make sure they are fed, are not be hurt, or those that are not in a normal situation was to be cured in any possible way they can.

Next and foremost, the older generation has been here to serve the ways of their ancestral lives and how very important it is to be generous with the stranger. If I spot a stranger that is in an unusual and unfamiliar condition and is unable to move, then the very first thing I would do is to make sure they are recovered from any situation. I would make sure that person is not hungry, hurt, or unhealthy. If that place does not belong to me while the owner of that house isn’t around then the plans will completely change. The items aren’t my things than that will lead to the type of differences and commonly bring trouble for not getting permission. At some point, the owner needs to know that her belongings and property are being dealt with a total stranger because that owner will keep them prepared and might need to use them in case of an emergency. Many times a stranger can change effectively. This stranger problem will last all our immortal lives throughout the county. Many are craving for food, money, and education would be left off with the rest of the residence. Many are applying for a way to survive with only money.

Last, but not least, as a matter of time and place, I would rather treat any stranger as they would want to treat me. If that strange existed, then both of our world would change. Treating a stranger with generous and enduring shows with respect and responsible quantities in life for an individual to overcome. Life is to endure and become cautious about everything. But as soon as those complete strangers enter our house of Eskimos the more depression and starvation it will cause. There is more to life than death but what these people are doing will be wrong. Planning on spreading the money and if the state earns more money than that will lead to a lot of robberies by the defeater. This will happen everywhere as to documents are being filed to the nation.

Reason or Problem

For now my thoughts are like blank and can't get through or start a short story to finish phase 18 by friday.. geez, and i need to finish a persuasive paper also. Which shucks and telling fictional stories is never in my blood. Just know the steps and all. transferred here so i can go to church and i went to church some days. yeah. but i can't make up a short story or stories! wonder why. maybe too depressed like most days of my lifetime but telling stories aren't my habit. I wonder why is it that i can't tell stories... perhaps you couldn't answer my problem because my life is mine and that life can be unique. man, i just don't know what else to write.

My days are like the rest of them at this time
where one may fall and never be the same
problems are so puny to realize through a bell chime
while others can use their spare time wisely with ashame
Life develops unkown experiences to overcome
just like clapping hands (palm to palm) is the sound of a bump.
There are quite ways to unfamiliarize life as to some
with noises filling the air with ice chumps.

I really don't know what i am up to.

well, were looking forward to graduate on the 15th of may, well it depends on my short story and persuasive paper.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank You Letter

To whom it may concern,

Congratulations! I would like to thank my gratitude toward to completing and continuing my education in the future from this day on. Mainly, since the jobs bring forth many required skills using written formal language, there are always a way to learn the every day objects. As an enrollment for a child, the opportunities that are available through LKSD, has given and made such generous offers to students who are willing to put and make an effort toward their education and the amount of knowledge being used. I appreciate the fact that the teachers/parents/guardians have made and took great care of their child and ought to be recognized through the heart of every child they were there for. Teachers can be anyone, (family, relatives, and friends) each and everyone has a common knowledge. Common knowledge meaning showing and being respectful with the rules you know.

Once again, I would like to give thanks to everyone that improved an individual or child’s being toward an education. Folks, have a wonderful time and take care.

Yours truly,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

For me to know and for you to find out!

Everything has pressure right, whether the thing is spiritually or not. The payback is one of the most powerful things that can change your life personally with major terms that usually have some problems that can't immediately can't be solved, but slowly day by day can recover that feeling. Pressure is one thing that is involved in any spirit as to war being defeated and taken by the defeaters of war. That is one thing that can develop throughout our own personal lives that have been owned by our own world. One mind speaks socially to other mind-beings. Things can have absolutely positive and negative side effects that wanders around the personal beliefs and belongings and properties. There has been sufficient shifts from one culture and environmental surroundings to a very unknown cause that is currently giving in clues for us to find out. Like the world is saying "For me to know and for you to find out!" Eventually, the facts are at risk and each country is giving false informations by the rules that are assigned to us. I am afraid that our U.S. Armies might lose the war and that United Kingdom might take over and destroy the belongings of this countries rules and belongings. By the way, the country I am in, does not seem as a free world after all, since Alaska future is on the jobs. This is going to be the worst life if this country become the other way around. These situations are serious and must be reviewed by the government, president, and the senate in the U.S. Before this country becomes ruled by the United Kingdom or some country. The world is in danger and the rest are probably thinking that different societies in each group is fun by challenging, defeating, and ostracism. Ostracism is the worst because it is harder to realize the truth and facts than the made up stories. Boy, everyone is in trouble. The rules are causing a major trouble and the terms cannot be faced perfectly. The more the rules being obtained, the more we become unsatisfied with the lives we'll be spending for the rest of our world. What do you think?


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Consume Alcohol? Helpful Facts!

Consume Alcohol?

There are various kinds of alcohol that can treat individuals in a different set of perspective and generosity manners. The types of alcohols that are developed and made are methyl, amyl, propyl, butyl or butanol, denatured, and ethyl. The normal type of alcohol that is used often by the public and the nation is ethyl alcohol, which is a substance that can seriously lead to a personal relations against other individuals, or groups, or cause problems that will interfere with the public. Ethyl (Ethanol) is fermented with sugars. The main type of alcohol is ethyl alcohol, which is a beverage that contains a hundred and twenty calories per ounce depending of one kind. (Alcohol, Page 9)

What kind of problems can possibly occur, when alcohol is being consumed by anybody? The alcohol-related problems can happen to anybody consuming alcohol that are at the risk of facing will have numerous possible effects for a length of a short amount of time or through rest of your life. Alcohol does have a dangerous side effect that can harm your health in some way. Alcohol can create a problem. Problems that can actually be permanent or short term in life.

If anyone tends to find out why ethyl alcohol is not a healthy product for the body system, but he or she will understand why the law limits the legal drinking age. Bad behavior is more likely to develop mentally and physically. Habit will often make changes and that is sometimes on the good, normal, or bad side based on the information and description that is given.
As the world continues to move on there are some quite changeable quantities that each person can make through their experiences and theories. They are being judged by the amount of knowledge they actually know. Consuming alcohol can damage a person, both mentally and physically. Almost anyone who considers consuming an alcoholic substance is nearly killing the system of one’s body.

How does the body effect alcohol inside your body? One of the theories made by the sociologist, educator, and a therapist, stated that alcohol can change the body in many unusual ways to the amount of alcohol can accidentally make a cause from drinking purposely. Alcohol can make the eyes become hard to focus, skin can increase the size of a blood vessel causing reddish blotches, muscles can have losses of tone and strength, if one or two livers can cause cirrhosis which can cause death. Alcohol is fattening (Alcohol, Page 13-14). One of the researchers assume that brain interferes with judgment, balances, vision and cause death, also the rate of the heart beat can increase, and kidneys can stop working, then but not the excess water cannot be passed from the body pancreas-veins and arteries.

Alcohol varies upon each person’s weight and health issue, depending on how much alcohol a person consumed. (Addiction, Page 68) Alcohol is a substance/The Possible Effects are intoxicant, depressant, painkiller, and or could impair, (by weakening or damage) the judgments. (Addiction, Page 5). According to Berger, Gilda; “The amount of food present at the time determines how fast the alcohol will be absorbed. Up to twenty percent may enter the bloodstream from the stomach, consuming any amount of alcohol can lead to depressant, negative behavior will appear, bored-ness, talkative and bold. Also consuming can cause a lot of problems”, (Addiction, pp. 68) says Berger, Gilda.

Alcohol is a drinking beverage that is nationalized and is available to any person. That victim will tempt to figure out what the alcoholic procedure is all about both, physically and mentally. Nationally, accidents occur to alcoholics around the world; could occur from blackout, depressants, family/relative/friend problems, or brings a person to commit suicide or homicide with another person that made them become upset. There are unknown factors that alcohol can do to an individual who continues to drink. Treatments are offered for everyday alcoholic consumers who possibly have second thoughts to stay sober, both mentally and physically. One of the corporations that offer programs is called “Alcoholics Anonymous program”. “Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) is a treatment center for alcoholics to become, remain, and stay sober. One of the treatments for alcohol are Alcoholics Anonymous located in of Regardless of treatment, most patients join Alcoholic Anonymous. AA is a group that helps alcoholics help themselves and each other to sober up and remain sober”, Says Gilda, Berger. Various groups of individuals show different responses to alcohol.” (Alcohol, Paragraph 2 page 73). “According to this belief, the more a person drinks, the more he or she needs to drink. A person’s move toward alcoholism may begin with the first drink. The disease progresses from moderate drinking to heavier consumption. It is a sequence that has to do with choice or power (Alcohol, page 73 paragraph 5). There is no special, overwhelming ‘right’ treatment for alcoholism,” according to Doctor Ross Fishman of Cornell University. Hundreds of treatments and research centers around the country offer treatment programs. For treatment centers only about thirty-five to fifty percent of alcoholics who under-go treatment recover (Page 75, Addiction).
Alcohol does bring problems that outsmart the sober and non-drinkers. Most problems are worsened. Alcoholics would definitely make the problems worse by fighting, both physically and mentally. The drinker is unable to become active at the time they become alcoholics and there are times when they block out and say things. Also, other times most likely alcoholics would definitely crave twice as more than a non-drinker and with horrible role-model, negative behaviors would appear as they crave and think that becoming more drunk every so often would keep them from boredom or being the real self (shyness). The standard alcohol procedures are complicated. Anyone can and will be able to make a decision based on their emotions, thoughts, and habits to drink or not to drink alcohol.

One of my suggestions is that if you know an alcoholic who is drinking alcohol, or anyone who has or had consume alcohol, is to tell a trusted person and make sure that the drunk person is taken with proper care, because alcohol can lead to unconsciousness and near death. There is always someone to talk to and beside we are gifted with someone to hang on to and can stay gold with us forever, since they are given a special gift. Anyone can become addicted nor develop dependency (strong desire to take a drug often.) Drinking and driving is a dangerous action that can cause or relate to terrible accidents. One of the things is that alcohol was illegal until 1919; the Congress passed the eighteenth amendment (Alcohol, page 14-15).

There is an example that states of an alcoholic that died from drinking alcohol because the drunk person’s judgment was impaired. One example, the story was told by two of the teenage boys that had been there and seen it with their own eyes. The information is based on the fact of these two teenage boys that encountered at the time a drunken person had an accident was during the fall of sometime around 2000. The drunken person was preparing the boat for him and his buddies and ready to leave into town with most of his buddies being high off of alcohol. Then an unexpected health relation appeared to have been an incident at the scene, the drunken person had a seizure and fell straight into the water and along the way the two teenage boys was at the scene and quickly pulled him off the water, up the land and rescued for help. Then when some adult came by, that adult brought him over to where the drunken person stays and made the drunken person’s mother know about the fact that he had drowned and was saved by the two teenage boys. He was in laying on the couch all day with blanket cover him and when I saw him he didn’t speak a word at all, but as I was watching him he looked as if he wanted to tell me something about what happened but wouldn’t because he had caught a very deep cold and his mother told me to be quiet at the whole time. Sometime that following week he had passed away and most of his relatives came, since he had a big family, with no wife and no child. That was an example of how consuming alcohol can cause accidents and caregivers give advises not to drink, if they have the time to.

Berger, Gilda. Addiction. New York: Franklins Watts, 1982.
Taylor, Barbara. Everything You Need To Know About Alcohol. Rosen, 1999.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Research topic.

As of now, March 04, 2009, at this hour I am supposed to write a research paper, but choosing a topic out of the list is extremely difficult. I just don't know what i am interested in but, there are a plenty of research topics. I just need your suggestions just to get started. To me taking it this way makes me feel like a person that is curious to take things and establish the moment between opinions and suggestions. Maybe the person in charge can eat up the persons or the groups opinions just by gobbling up information to why they would want to be accepted and this is to inform someone about something and you know, that problem is to solve by trial and errors. Also, letting things go would be harder for most people. That problem can come back just out of simpleness. I don't know what the situation in the world that is happening right now. But right now on my free time in the school season, i am just wanted to post something up since a long while.

Oh, by the way, do you have any suggestions on about the research topic. Anything is possible because I will be using the 5 w's chart. alright... if you have any suggestions, just let me know..


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Phase 18


My name is Martha Ann Barbara Lavv’aq Waska. I was born at Bethel Alaska, on February 07, 1990 to Sammie & Mary Waska. I have five sisters and two brothers. My oldest sister recently had a daughter in October 31, 2008 and her name is Martina Shaylene Aloralrea. The names of my siblings are Samantha, Jessica, Patrick, Valentina, Jeffery, Jamaica, and one adopted girl named Elena.
Every school has always been fascinating because there is so much to learn in and out of the school. No matter where you are, you are entering the world of learning. Every mood simply brings understanding, realizing, memorizing in the world of works, also the process of each individual is as important as the way you feel. Unfortunately, I have attended three schools so far. Not bad as four to five schools because transferring a lot can take the place of your learning ability to start over. About three schools are enough for me. The very first school that I have gone for 13 years was in Oscarville Memorial School, which I mostly earned awards from that school. I got a perfect attendance award, a Cat 5 Test award, and was nominated as one of the most high-grade student as a junior level and received an $11,000.00 Scholarship from UA. A semester in Tuluksak I received an A Honor Roll as a senior. Present here in Kwethluk Ket’acik & Aapalluk Memorial School and finishing up the year as it was supposedly to in May 2009.
Education and training is for everyone with normal ability. My experiences as a student for work areas as an employee were janitors, secretary. kitchen helper, office work, library aide, quality control, processor, fillet, and graphic artist. My very first job was the Tribal as a Summer Youth Education & Training Program as a Secretary and a Janitor at the salary wage of $6.09 per hour from June 2004 to July 2004 & from July 2007 to August 2008. The next job I kept for a few times was in Oscarville School positioned as a Student Helper mostly custodian, the price again at $6.09, from September 2004 to May 2005, from Nov. 2006 to May 2007, from September 2007 to May 2008. The final full time job I ever had was in Coastal Villages Seafood in Quinhagak at $8.00 as a Processor, Quality Control, and Fillet. And the recent job I have was a cook’s helper at the Tuluksak High School from Dec. 17, 2008 to January 12, 2009 at $9.63 per hour.
My personal hobbies are traveling the Kuskokwim, picking berries (red, salmon, blue, black, and agautat), picking plants (quagciq, blu-barbs, angukarneq), plucking birds (loons, mallards, swans, ptarmigans, crane), cook, bake, and fry food for family. Commercial fishing is one time thing I did in the summer of July 2006 or 2007 with my oldest sister for king salmon, pink salmon, and chum. Substitute fishing for pike, white, and lush fish is what I do in the fall and spring. Fish camp is at least one of my top favorites to stay during the summer, where we get to listen to the quietness and the gentleness of the soft breeze in the very sunny day. Birds flying by, makes me feel calm at some point, such as seagulls, raven or crow, loons, swallows, robins, and many of the nature birds passing by high and low in Alaska, also listening to the birdcalls while fishing makes me feel real.
One thing in school is to learn, experience, and to get your diploma through all twelve levels from the whole school section. I actually am in the middle of the stage just like many others that are also having a tough time with family, friends, and relative problems good or bad, and some use time wisely and others waste time. But through my school years I had earned quite a few awards.
The good memories I enjoyed and remember doing in my life were birthdays, talking with friends, fishing, picking berries, and doing the every day life as everyone else. The best and one thing that ever happened on my birthday was the time I received money and one backpack. It was like the whole community of Oscarville was invited to my birthday party and most of them gave me cents, one dollar bills, some five dollar bills, and one twenty dollars bill, along with a back pack. On that day, I felt and believe it was the best day of my life because I had two friends that were also my classmates, which I took to the store and bought them each a pop along with a few candies. Another amusing moment I had was when I definitely had to commercial fish with my sister in the summer of 2007. The reason she chose me was because there was nobody else to help her with drifting, shifting, and setting up the fish net, there was sort of someone but she didn’t want to pay them too much so she chose me to help her. We talked about secrets, stories, and things we plan to do on our future lives.
My closest relatives are spread out in Alaska; like up and down the Kuskokwim, Yukon, and both rural and urban villages. The side I know the most in my family is my mom’s side and a few on my father’s side. When I travel the Kuskokwim and coastal areas I always get the chance to stop by and visit my relatives that I know.
To most people who don’t know me. I appear shy. I don’t just go talking to anyone just because I feel like it. I don’t raise my voice, or laugh loud like some other people do. I am silent to those that ask me questions, tell me stories, and tell me to do something. Once in a while when someone tells me to do something, sometimes I will not listen to those orders depending on my mood. I am not too picky; I grew up unaware through my preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school years. I am used to people telling me what to do like chores; like pack water, do dishes, sweep and mop the floor, clean windows, pick up after my siblings, and follow them to places. But the things that I only remembered are some of the things that I feared that scared me. So life actually appears to me that things in life are attainable, like decisions to make, understanding the life of one another, and stating ideologies down on paper is what life is to me.
The church I am baptized in is called the Russian Orthodox; all my family except me is a Moravian. There was a story behind it. I was told, but that as a child or an infant or toddler that I had heart problems, so they baptized me in Russian Orthodox Church then sent me away to Minnesota if not Missouri. I am not sure how I became an Orthodox though; I need to ask again to make sure how I became an orthodox.
My outlook on my future depends on how many actually wants me to dream on. I noticed the cycle between each type, kind, or emotions of people, but I don’t know how to put all this into words. Hard times are countless and many find it unclear to make people hear their voice speak loud. They say, “Actions speaks louder than words”, I believe that is true, since many of them come to think of it as by their actions sometimes what they think is true. While that person is depending on what he is thinking. Some are okay about that thought, but others will judge them by what has been said. So, my outlook on my future is to try keeping my family a happy place to be by supporting them with food, clothing, transportation, and college savings. Maybe give my family a chance to actually view the rest of the world. Everyone has plans to meet, an education to pursue, and a life to manage through easy or hard way. My plans are to meet the schools’ ground rule requirements to actually by being there and improve the skills that I will need to use as a future reference and for the next generation and real-life out there. This is to cope with different types of people in all kinds of situations. From generation to generation, the times for each is always changing, like right now every country is teaching each culture in English as their second language. While the older generations dreams were to teach their younger generation about the skills they were taught in their very own language, culture, tradition, and surviving techniques.
As a community member or a resident of Oscarville and the nearby villages, I had too many nicknames some I remember some I forgot. The nickname I had and is still used today was brought up through the way I act, through my English and Eskimo name. Well, my Eskimo name is Lavv’aq, but many know me by my Eskimo pronunciation, which are, “Lavv, Love, Lavngu Usuk, Usukcam Nuliraa, Lavey-lava, and luvv-lu,” Through my English name are, “Marsha, Mushu, Moutha, Marty, and Martha Pooloo.”
My personal and general habits are about living a natural life that most of them has. No one to blame and something to do under the rules of law or staying busy is what keeping me to become responsible in my own and original adult life. As a student, my life is unique and my name has a story behind it, and goals to achieve and successfully keeping goals up.

Martha Waska

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hearing loss of my system

Everyday, everytime, and every second I wonder "what are they going to do, with my hearing loss, that i have? Are they going to make a face and make me want to leave? What are they going to think and talk about from this moment on?
All I wonder is about my hearing loss. I want to join every event, activity, and programs that are available to every individual. But one concern that i have is my hearing loss.