Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stranger Unexpected

Writing Period 4
Student: Martha Waska
Teacher: Pauline Morris

Stranger Unexpected

Have you ever been a stranger before? Have you ever felt like a stranger? Were you treated well when you were a stranger? What would you do if you had a stranger come to your place? What would I do, how would I treat the strangers?

First of all, being a total stranger is in everyone. With specific personality that completely comes in different styles of background, nationality, and race has been named in number of unknown languages since the beginning of beings at one time became aware. Being the actual stranger in a house of this world, facing respective decisions as an independent status, has made me recognize the importance of managing the way life happens to appear. Depending on the situation there has been several unexpected conditions and problems throughout these years we own to ourselves. Each individual can be miraculously unpredictable. Everyone uses myths and general ideas to share their beliefs in which they can be developing ways to formalize their imaginative characters or personification. You can make a change. Everyone’s obsessions are unique, in a way that will require with what they have, need, and use in their spare time for the time they got now and while they still can. Over the years, the county has timidly and sufficiently changed with immediate succession from the native style to another culture.

Anyways, throughout my years, I was and had been a stranger and always and going to stay a stranger forever to the house of this world of humans. I definitely found out that having visitors, guests, and any other person that unexpectedly shows can be very surprising in some way. Also, to make sure they were healthy and strong thru their trip. Almost anyone who appears as an unexpected visitor is to make sure they are fed, are not be hurt, or those that are not in a normal situation was to be cured in any possible way they can.

Next and foremost, the older generation has been here to serve the ways of their ancestral lives and how very important it is to be generous with the stranger. If I spot a stranger that is in an unusual and unfamiliar condition and is unable to move, then the very first thing I would do is to make sure they are recovered from any situation. I would make sure that person is not hungry, hurt, or unhealthy. If that place does not belong to me while the owner of that house isn’t around then the plans will completely change. The items aren’t my things than that will lead to the type of differences and commonly bring trouble for not getting permission. At some point, the owner needs to know that her belongings and property are being dealt with a total stranger because that owner will keep them prepared and might need to use them in case of an emergency. Many times a stranger can change effectively. This stranger problem will last all our immortal lives throughout the county. Many are craving for food, money, and education would be left off with the rest of the residence. Many are applying for a way to survive with only money.

Last, but not least, as a matter of time and place, I would rather treat any stranger as they would want to treat me. If that strange existed, then both of our world would change. Treating a stranger with generous and enduring shows with respect and responsible quantities in life for an individual to overcome. Life is to endure and become cautious about everything. But as soon as those complete strangers enter our house of Eskimos the more depression and starvation it will cause. There is more to life than death but what these people are doing will be wrong. Planning on spreading the money and if the state earns more money than that will lead to a lot of robberies by the defeater. This will happen everywhere as to documents are being filed to the nation.

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